Side effects of acai berry

There is a hype about the acai berry in all the health magazines, Organic restaurant Bostonand in a whole lot of health drink products. They have been extensively used to manufacture a wide of products from the ice creams to the desserts, health supplements and so much more. Owing to their unique properties, they have managed to be at the top of the health supplements companies and massive success worldwide. They are also extensively used by the pharmaceutical companies to develop medicines for digestive problems and a host of skin ailments.

Like all things on earth, they do possess some negative effects when used extensively or if they are not compatible with the body of the person. Overconsumption of the acai berry can lead to the build-up of plague and toxin in the human body and turn to create unnecessary health problems like acne or Candida infections. They were also found to create some form of allergy in certain sensitive people when consumed with herbs like garlic or ginkgo. They were also in extreme cases found to cause liver inflammation and weaken the immune system, much to the contrary of its claims.

People suffering from heartburns were also advised to keep a check on the consumption of the acai berry. Overconsumption can lead to a reduction in blood pressure and change the mechanism of blood control. Underweight people were also advised to stay away from the fruit as it suppressed appetite that leads to weight loss indirectly. This can also weaken the built-up of the human body and cause other side effects.

As such the consumption of acai berry should be done with utter precision and much research. While it is true that they are a storehouse of antioxidants and minerals, it also has its share of side effects when consumed without limits. This overconsumption of any food or medicine should be sidelined and responsible consumption should be practiced to get the best benefits of everything.

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