Who is Kim Dao?

kim dao is a well-known blogger, social media influencer, and YouTuber who has collaborated with various brands and she is known and admired for her expertise and passion for any subject regarding fashion, travel, and makeup. An Australian native, kim dao studied Japanese and psychology for her degree at the famous University of Western Australia. She started her career in blogging with great zeal after making a documentary about her first travel to Japan way back in 2011.

Even though the kim dao blog was started as something akin to a digital keepsake of her first travel to Japan, it gained traction quickly among readers that were seeking an enlightening and entertaining resource about travelling to Japan. Once kim dao realized the potential of her blog, she expanded the website’s content to comprise information on certain favourite subjects of hers, most notably travel, popular culture, and fashion.

Over the years, as the readers of her blog grew at an exponential rate, kim dao started becoming more active on some of the social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. She also started making YouTube videos with the purpose of interacting with her readers. Because of her immense popularity over several digital platforms, kim dao has had several opportunities working with a range of well-known brands. She has also been featured on Japanese television and in the Australian media. For more information please Click This Link

In a recent interview, kim dao has revealed that she started her blog to document her first travel to Japan and never expected it to become popular. She also said that her blog has opened up many opportunities for her. On being asked how she brings ideas to life at her blog, kim dao replied that she actually relies on her regular interactions with her followers for generating new ideas which are then brought to life. Besides, kim dao also revealed that she was influenced by the famous explorer/writer Rolf Potts and has learned from the works of Malcolm Gladwell and Gary Vaynerchuk.

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