How Kim Dao Pick the Products She Blogs About

All bloggers or social media influencer has convinced standards on preferring the brands, which they feature in their sites. Going for value a review product is excellent to take into consideration. Kim Dao, the well-known social media influencer, does follow particular standards in every product that she features.

Being a genuine vlogger, Dao began out as she was documenting her first tour to Japan back in 2011 as an online journal, this gain a massive following and the reason for her to create more blogs and videos. Her vlogs are extensively followed by young girls who love fashion, make-up, and travel, which is why her product vlogs are focused on those grouping. In spite of working with brands like Liz Lisa, Etude House and Amore Pacific, she does online reviews on them. These products go on a careful analysis from her whether they be significance it to appear in her blogs.

Following are some pieces of information on how Dao pick the products to blog about. She Only Works With the Brands which she regards or respects. She is not only respecting the products that were pointed out in the above paragraph, but it is also understandable that most if not all, from the cosmetic and beauty product production appreciate its presence.

She chooses the products that she uses. It is imperative for Kim that the product she blogs are the ones she uses on her. It can be exposed to the effects to her skin, how the dresses suit her on her unbiased view on the brands. Moreover, she picks the affordable products. With Kim Dao massive following on social media, which are almost young women, it essential for Kim that the products are affordable. We cannot disagree with that young women do fall on the category buying not too expensive products and save value for the money.

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